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About Us

Sewing Machine

        I apprenticed with a master sewing technician to learn the trade.  I will clean and service your machine so that it runs like a new one.  If your machine needs repaired, I will give you an honest and fair estimate on both parts and service. 

        I can also sell you a good re-conditioned machine if that is what you are looking for.  Our machines are good for those just learning or for minor sewing needs.

Hi, I’m John "J"


Hi, I’m Raina "R"

        I have over 60 years of sewing experience with expertise in alterations and repair as well as garment creation, toys, handbags, draperies, cushions to formals and wedding gowns. 

        I have discovered a love of upcycle clothing and creating unique fashions from everyday garments. These can be purchased in our shop or you can bring your favorite (but no longer wearable) garments and we can create something new for you.

        If you would like to learn to sew, I will be offering sewing classes.  Watch for our sewing and crafting workshops that we will be hosting.

Sewing Tools

Quality Guaranteed

        As a husband-and-wife team we will work to make all your sewing experiences pleasant.  We are both creative and always ready for a new challenge.  While you are here, we invite you to check out John’s handmade wood furniture and products and our Upcycled furniture and décor.

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